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How to buy on this site

In order to buy our magazines you must sign up on Railway Portraits' website.
You only have to create an account using the form on the left.

Thus, you can choose between two different possibilities:

Buy with a cash deposit

After having bought a cash deposit like illustrated on this page, you can buy one or several magazines.
First log in, then click on "Order via Deposit" to buy your favourite issue, taking off the related amount from your deposit.

Buy without a cash deposit

After log in, you only have to click on "Buy Now" to be redirected to PayPal.
After the PayPal payment, you will be redirected to the previous page, where you can download your file.

The PDF files are encrypted and protected by a password.
Your password is always the email used to buy the magazine, and it is always visualized when you download it.
If the PDF file is improperely distributed, we will receive an email signaling the transgression.
The file is available for the downloading 3 times and for 72 hours from the purchase.
After these limits you will have to buy it one more time.